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What it Means to Have a GirlzLife Mentor

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"It helps me with my behavior and my attitude toward other folks. I haven't been in any trouble since I had a mentor to help me. Haven't been in any fights for 7 months straight!"   T. Jeffries

"Having a mentor helps me a lot because my attitude is starting to change, and I am less disrespectful...I love her family so much because they show me love when nobody else does..."   A. Guinn

"My mentor helps me in lots of different ways. She always tells me not to give up on life. She shows me how a woman should respect herself. She shows me right from wrong. She is always there to listen and talk to me..." M. Powell

"My mentor gives me a different, and most times, better opinion and perspective on things. My mentor also helps me remember to humble myself, come back to reality, and get off my high horse." J. Swift

"She always tells me positive things to do when something goes wrong. Every helpful little thing she says encourages me to do better than I am or what I use to do in the past."   J. Douglas

"If I feel that I need advice on anything I can always call on my mentor. Sometimes when I get angry, I shut down a lot and won't speak to no one, but my mentor and I have gotten so close that I can speak to her about anything."   B. Craig

 "She encourages me to do better when I think I've done well enough....It's like what I don't get from my mother, I can get from her....Just her being there for me and having a positive person like her makes me feel like I can do better." T. Dowdy

"It helps me a lot. I'm staying out of trouble, no back talking, and my attitude is much better than when I first met you all...I hope to stay the same, no fighting or nothing."   E. Douglas



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